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Summer Tutors Bridge Gaps

According to a recent John Hopkins University Study, almost every student loses some grade equivalency over the summer. The same study showed that the average student loses about 2.6 months of math over the summer. This doesn’t come as news to educators, who battle the “September blues” every year as they try to review material from the previous grade level when students arrive back to school from summer break.


Summer is typically seen as a time for relaxing, fun, vacations, and a break from school. But, should your child’s “break” be free from learning experiences? Many parents (and educators) say, “No!”

If your child is a student who typically struggles during the school year, it makes sense to continue tutoring, in some form, during the summer so that the tutor can help to avoid a learning gap instead of frantically trying to bridge one. Reach Tutor, Cindi Calhoun recalls countless summer tutoring success stories. “I used to tell my summer students that we were going to spend time creating ‘buckets in their brain’ by previewing things they would be learning in the fall,” says Cindi.

During the school year, tutors are busy working within the child’s current school curriculum, completing homework assignments, studying for tests, and managing a restricting time schedule. During the summer, however, tutors and their students have the luxury of focusing on the child’s most challenging subject, without the stress of having to balance time between multiple subjects.


In addition, tutors can create the “buckets” that Cindi referred to, that allow students to enter their fall classroom without the learning gap of summer. What’s more, is that they have increased confidence. Children who have had summer “pre-teaching” or “preview” will have the benefit of recall (pulling out of their “bucket”) when the teacher presents a lesson that would otherwise be “new” to the child. This increases the student’s confidence because for many, this will be the first time they actually feel like they know something before they are required to.


Carolyn S, a Reach Tutoring Parent, from Huntington Beach stresses the importance that her family places on summer tutoring versus summer school enrollment, “As my children entered elementary school, it struck me how they seemed to get out of the ‘habit’ of school over the summer. Moreover, I was always shocked at how much they forgot during those months off. For a few years, I enrolled them in summer school, to bridge the gap between one academic year and the next but the programs were expensive and HUGE To be blunt, the classes were typically made up of very remedial or problem children and my kids got nothing out of it; it was more like babysitting. A summer tutor has been the perfect solution for me. It only takes up an hour of our day, it’s one-on-one, and it is targeted to EXACTLY what my children need. They always start school a step ahead and I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of bang for my buck. With regular summer school, I always felt like I wound up with a lot of word searches and crossword puzzles; it was just not a wise investment.”

- Nikki Heimer, Regional Director- Orange County

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