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Orange County Schools ROCK!

Orange County is the second largest county in California with nearly a half million culturally diverse students. Did you know that there are nineteen states in the United States that have fewer students in the entire state than we do in our county? Still, Orange County is the best place to live and educate children in Southern California. Why? We only need to look at a few statistics to realize how fortunate we are.

Communities are built around schools. For those communities to prosper and grow the schools need to be safe and high achieving. Orange County boasts the lowest drop-out rate, safest schools, and highest SAT scores (math, verbal, average) in Southern California. Our schools work with the state on maintaining high standards and preparing students for participation in the workforce or higher education. Orange County offers incredible educational opportunities from pre-school through graduate school.

To continue to maintain the high achievement we enjoy we need to recruit and retain the finest teachers. Orange County will need 25,000 new teachers in the next decade. What is being done to accomplish this?

Again, we are fortunate to offer competitive salaries throughout our county. We are working with our local Orange County Teachers Federal Credit Union to fund educators in first-time home loans with special mortgages as well as low coast loans to continue their higher education. We also offer alternative certification and support for teachers to pursue National Board Certification and an abundance of professional growth opportunities.

Yes, Orange County is a great place to live, work and go to school. To maintain this world class educational system we need to work together. Businesses, local agencies, educators, parents and students need to form partnerships to continue to provide for the growing challenges and opportunities at hand.

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