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Reach Tutoring is in HB Magazine!

Reach Professional Tutoring is excited to announce their feature article in HB Magazine. Visit to see the entire magazine today.

Our article is on page 22! You can read the article in its entirety below:

Premiere Private In-Home Tutoring
by Jody Robinson, editor

Imagine having your child in a class with no other students guided by a highly experienced teacher dedicated solely to your child’s academic success.

The only way this formula could get any better was if it were available at an affordable rate and in the privacy of your own home. That’s exactly what Reach Pro Tutoring offers.

As California’s premier private in-home tutoring service, Reach Pro Tutoring provides one-on-one instruction using professional educators who are aca- demically qualified with proven teaching experience.

“Our tutors love what they do and have a strong desire to help children grow,” says Nikki Heimer, Reach Professional Tutoring Regional Director for Orange County.

As a full-time elementary school teacher, Heimer herself provides a great example of the caliber of education and experience parents can expect of the individuals who make up the Reach Pro Tutoring team.

As the Regional Director for the Orange County area, Nikki is likely be the first person interested parents will reach when seeking tutoring services for their child.

“Regional directors, such as myself, are educators – cre- dentialed teachers who are currently in the classroom or have taught at some point in their careers,” says Heimer. “The first step in the process is for the Regional Director meet the parents and student prior to tutoring to identify the learning style and study habits of the child as well as the goals and objectives of both the student and parents in order to assign the teacher best suited to meet the child’s specific educational needs.”

The tutor will then be in constant communication with the Regional Director and the child’s parents to report needs and achievement, as well as suggest any program changes necessary to improve results.

And if a student’s needs change over time, Reach Pro Tu- toring has an abundance of highly qualified tutors to choose from.

All of Reach’s tutors are credentialed teachers and/or have extensive experience in tutoring (in the latter case, it may be that the tutor is a professional chemical engineer tapped by Reach Pro Tutoring to teach high school chem- istry).

“We are really flexible,” says Heimer. “Reach bills its clients at the beginning of the month for the amount of hours parents sign up for, but the hours are yours so we will work within your schedule. If you miss a scheduled session, we will make it up. We don’t lock clients into a long-term con- tract … if you have a need for a set period of time or prefer to go month to month, we’re happy to create a schedule and program that works for you.”

“Deciding to call Reach Pro Tutoring has totally changed our lives,” says Huntington Beach resident Carolyn Smuts. “We knew our seven-year-old had some academic issues going into the summer so we called in the hopes of helping bridge her academic progress prior into the following school session.

The whole process couldn’t have been easier – we made one call to Nikki and the ball was in motion. The organiza- tion as a whole and Nikki, in particular, has been wonder- ful. We’re so lucky to have the specific tutor assigned to our daughter — she’s way overqualified to be coming to our house and teaching first grade reading.”

Smuts adds while their tutor originally helped their son in all of his school subjects with a special focus on math, “she did such a great job that he’s doing so well in math that we now primarily use her to help with his reading skills.”

Oftentimes the tutors at Reach do such a good job, they teach themselves right out of a job. But with so many suc- cesses to point to, it’s not surprising so much of Reach Pro Tutoring’s business is through referrals and repeat cus- tomers when a past student’s siblings have a need.

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