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Start Early in the School Year with Supplemental Education

Research shows that almost all children lose some grade level equivalency over the summer; for many students this means starting the school year already behind. Most parents don’t find this out until after they receive their child’s first progress report; then they call a supplemental education service and begin the uphill academic battle. Don’t let this be you and your child!

One of the advantages of personalized tutoring is the recognition of the fact that every student is different. A good tutoring service begins each relationship with a thorough evaluation of the student. The initial consultation should look for the root causes of your child’s need for tutoring. Good educators don’t view the student who is struggling or failing as wrong or bad; we understand that failing grades or difficulties in learning are seen as nothing more than temporary problems to be examined and overcome.


After the specific evaluation, a program is designed that aims directly at the child’s individual needs. Guesswork and a hit-or-miss approach can be harmful to a student who is already challenged by academic issues and who has had negative educational experiences. The best supplemental education agencies will use your child’s school curriculum and work directly with his or her teacher to ensure that their plan of action will be effective. Picture doing this at the beginning the school year instead of waiting for a reason to call; With REACH Professional In-Home Tutoring, you can START the year off right!


Betty, a REACH Parent from Fremont, CA summed it up when she said, “I have a daughter with a learning delay and ADHD so I hired REACH to help her keep pace with her classmates. They matched her with a qualified credentialed teacher who came twice a week. He was able to keep her attention and reinforce the material. My daughter was so proud of her accomplishments in school that it motivated her to work harder. I highly recommend REACH to any parent whose child needs tutoring. They took the time to meet with us to ensure that they matched the right teacher with my child. His excellent teaching skills and ability to connect with my child made all the difference.” (Actual REACH Google Review from San Jose, CA)


REACH Professional In-Home Tutoring is California’s premier private in-home tutoring service. We operate under a simple philosophy that has proven successful; provide affordable one-on-one tutoring using professional teachers and a team to guide your child’s progress. Imagine your child, in a room with no other students and teacher dedicated to your child’s success. This is what REACH does, and we get results! Call today to schedule your In-Home Consultation!


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