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Congratulations To Daniel – Great Job


Daniel is a First grade student.  When he started First grade he was struggling academically and was apprehensive when it came to working in all academic areas.  He had limited knowledge of many Kindergarten sight words and no knowledge of First grade sight words.

Daniel enrolled in REACH in October. Over the past four months Daniel has worked hard to catch up. His tutor, Juli says that Daniel has been an excellent student. “Daniel is fully caught up on his Kindergarten sight words, and we are working through the about half of the First grade words” commented Juli.  His REACH tutor, Juli, has helped Daniel build his confidence on doing schoolwork and homework.

Daniel’s Mom says that Daniel is more excited about going to school.  He does not get upset when he gets dropped off in the morning.  “He wants to go to school now.”  Says Mom.

Every tutoring session, Juli works with Daniel on his homework packet which consists of spelling words that he has to put in sentences, write in ABC order, and write five times each.  Daniel has become very good at putting his words in ABC order.  He can now work on the ten spelling words with little or no help.  He has also started to fully master ABC order to the second letter.  He can recognize that words like “catch” would come before “crawling” if needed to be put in ABC order.  Daniel has gotten the hang of this skill while many First graders still struggle with it.


Overall, Daniel has come a long way since his enrollment in REACH. He is a more confident student in all academic areas. It makes Daniel’s parents and his tutor happy to see him starting to write sentences on his own and making the effort to piece together the skills he has learned in school and from his tutoring sessions.  About a month ago Daniel’s mom mentioned that his teacher said that he will no longer be considered for retention.  CONGRATULATIONS DANIEL. Everyone at REACH Professional Tutoring is proud of you. Keep moving forward.

Daniel Davis

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