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Your Opportunity

Join our team of select business professionals and passionate educators in a unique opportunity to manage and grow your own geographic territory as part of California’s premier tutoring service.  Share in the revenues of our rapidly growing company while experiencing the satisfaction of helping better educate California’s children.

REACH Professional In-Home Tutoring provides tutoring programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of students and families. Our mission is to bring the best private tutoring services that are aligned with school curriculum into student’s homes by credentialed teachers. Our approach has proven successful in helping children improve their grades, test scores and build self-esteem. We change lives!

The need for high quality, professional supplemental education is great in California. Education budgets have been reduced, schools have fewer teachers on staff, class size has increased, and teachers and districts are overwhelmed.  Students do not get the attention and education they deserve.  Many parents are frustrated and seeking assistance outside of the classroom. Forbes Magazine estimates the tutoring industry to reach $100 billion globally by 2017*. Despite the economic downturn because the need is great.

Financial Opportunity

Each of our Regional Directors manages a protected geographic region that offers strong financial rewards. We bring the advantages of a franchise without the financial and operational risks. Reach Regional Director’s operate as independent agents with all the rewards of running their own business while minimizing the risks and high start-up costs associated with owning a franchise or small independent business.

Be Profitable Quickly

Our business structure and marketing programs enable Reach Regional Directors to begin earning income usually within the first 90 days.  Through dedication and consistent effort Regional Directors have the opportunity to achieve financial freedom while enjoying flexible schedules.
Are you energized by a brand new challenge? Do you want to reap the financial benefits of your hard work and expertise? Start putting your collective skills and experience to work for you and take the first step towards transitioning into a fulfilling career as a Reach Regional Director.

Qualities of a successful Reach Regional Director include:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Strong organizational and business management skills
  • People management skills
  • Ethical/Self-motivated
  • Able to build trusting relationships with clients quickly
  • Able to invest capital in marketing
  • Solid work history
  • Positive credit history
  • Involved in their communities
  • Computer literate, able to communicate online and through social media
  • This opportunity requires a full-time commitment

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